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Representative Patents:

RE 39,418 Mounting apparatus for ball grid array device

7,025,602 Contact for electronic devices

7,017,672 Self-set bridge plug

7,008,030 Low profile lock with front release for a drawer slide

6,746,252 High frequency compression mount receptacle with lineal contact members

6,702,009 Select-fire pressure relief subassembly for a chemical cutter

6,442,030 Server system rack drawer with keyboard, flat panel display and electronic switch
6,342,147 Process for producing hard, electrodeposited iron with inherent channel porosity

6,199,634 Method and apparatus for controlling the permeability of mineral bearing earth formations

6,053,192 Low operating force pressure regulator

6,024,074 Refrigerated fuel for engines

5,996,314 Currency strapping machine

5,996,250 Air-cooled shoe having an air exhaust pump

5,542,247 Apparatus powered using laser supplied energy

5,531,112 Fluid holdup tool for deviated wells

5,498,206 Rethreshing rotor for grain combine
5,474,126 Retrievable whipstock system
5,377,160 Transmitter and receiver to radially scan the cementing conditions in cased wells
5,374,823 Pulsed neutron decay tool for measuring gamma radiation energy spectra for fast neutron inelastic collisions and thermal neutron capture events

5,315,110 Metal cup pressure transducer with a support having a plurality of thermal expansion coefficients
5,309,993 Chevron seal for a well tool
5,246,074 Slip stream device with adjustable choke, and method of choking a fluid flow path

5,195,586 Right-hand on and right-hand off retrieving head
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